44 Films

44 FILMS is a collaboration between the Sports Media Center at the Newhouse School of Public Communications and the Syracuse University Athletic Department. The project is focused on short form nonfiction narrative filmmaking that puts the students at the forefront of every aspect of production, with the guidance of faculty and professional staff.
Date: Fall 2022

Scope: UX Research, User Interface Design, Web Development

Deliverables: Sitemap, Low-fidelity wireframes, High-fidelity prototypes, Website

Tools:  Figma, HTML, CSS, WordPress


A Solution for Digital Inclusion

The idea for EmpowerEd was derived from my lived experiences as a native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand how the Black and Brown low-income population is disproportionately affected in education, housing, and career advancement.

In the digital age, these communities face significant barriers to accessing the digital economy due to unequal access to digital technology and the internet. This "digital divide" perpetuates disparities in education and employment, exacerbating economic inequality and driving economic displacement. Taking action is crucial to prevent these communities from falling into an unemployment abyss.


How might we bridge NYC’s digital divide for people of color through accessible digital literacy resources in a mobile app?


With user-friendly navigation and multilingual support, Empowered is an e-learning platform offering digital literacy training, educational resources, and job opportunities to low-income minority communities.