Music Album Poster Series

A passion project born from my desire to interpret some of my favorite albums. 
Duration: 5 weeks

Scope: Visual design, Copywriting, Printing, Scanning, Editing

Deliverables: 12 posters

Tools: Adobe Photoshop


While listening to a song from a favorite album, a particular line inspired me to design a poster for fun, something I hadn't done in a while. I used a new technique from a favorite content creator: printing digital posters, scanning them back in for texture, and adjusting threshold and contrast for depth and a grungy feel. I continued using this technique in a series of posters based on some of my favorite albums.



Working with a variety of printers during this project was very crucial to getting the different textures. I also listened to each of these albums while I designed which I believe to have had an effect on the overall feel of each poster. While I did have to go in and adjust many of the colors, I felt overall they work together but each are still unique and function on their own.

Situated within my portfolio that largely features user experience projects, I wanted this series to show my design capabilities as a multidisciplinary designer.